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Joanna Cosentino, a 23-year-old Brooklyn based artist, is the sole owner of Joella Crafts. While her love for crocheting began as a pandemic hobby, it soon blossomed into a passion that now serves as her full-time job. Joanna is best known for her vibrant and colorful designs that channel inspiration from her childhood.  


"In the summer of 2019, my sister Danielle purchased some yarn and hooks, and told us she was learning how to crochet. Before my family and I knew it, she began creating the most beautiful creations: starting with scarves, moving onto complex doilies, and eventually constructing intricate plush toys. I was so inspired by the idea of hand-making pieces that could be  shared and sold for the rest of the world to see. So, I decided to pick up the craft myself, and the business journey began.


"When I created my Instagram page in August of 2020, I was just beginning to learn how to crochet. I was determined to not only understand crochet, but also to create a successful business that had the ability to grow. My Instagram page grew gradually, and I discovered an amazing community of artists like myself who used crochet as a creative outlet and a tool for healing. I began to genuinely enjoy the process of crocheting and the peace that it brought me. The repetition of its motion and the act of creating something with my own two hands was a form of meditation that I began to value deeply.


Owner of Joella Crafts smiling wearing a green crochet vest.

"I started out by making plushies, but I realized soon that I could venture into the world of crochet clothing, and that unlocked a whole new world of creativity and healing for me. It wasn’t an easy task; the first top I created fell apart months later, and I took apart the second top because I didn’t like it. But the third top I created ended up becoming a part of my first pattern, the Groovy Fruity Collection. Once I realized I was capable of designing and constructing clothes, I felt so empowered.


"My crochet journey has been a huge part of my healing journey. It was only when I started designing clothes that I unlocked a memory of my love for fashion as a child. I had this huge brief case full of markers, pastels, crayons, and colored pencils, and I would spend so much time drawing and designing outfits. I must have had 20 or more sheets of them, and I would tape them on the wall of my bedroom for my grandma to come and 'shop,' as if it were a store-front window of real clothes.


"Now, as an adult who designs clothing and plushies, I can say my child-self would be proud. This craft has helped me connect with and rediscover the creativity, the passion, and the spontaneity of my inner-child. It has been a catalyst for my spiritual growth, a way for me to express myself freely. It has been my solace when I become overwhelmed and stressed, and although it isn’t always easy, it challenges me to overcome my doubts and pushes me to reach my full potential. This is my soul craft. Thank you for reading my story and joining me on this journey." 

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